Sunday, August 25, 2013

Songs Daddy Sang To Us

The following are songs Daddy used to sing to us.

Ham bones and gravy Chicken am good,
Rabbit am so very, very fine,
But give me, oh give me,
Oh, how I wish you would,
That watermelon hanging on that vine.

Another favorite was:

On a summer evening, when the sun was low,
Out to rob a hen's nest softly I did go.
And when I grabbed a chicken,
I heard her husband crow.
And then the farmer chased me with a rusty hoe.

Out in the corn field that's where I was found,
And oh the walloping he gave me,
Lying on the cold, cold ground.
He locked me in the stable with the sheep
And a dog that wouldn't sleep

By and by that mutt got tired of watching
By and by that mutt laid down to rest
By and by I jumped out of the window
And landed in a hornet's nest.

Good night my loved one, good night,
All those hornets were full of fight
I've got stings on my fingers
And stings on my toes,
When they got through with me
They lit on Fido's nose.

Oh say can you see it was my time to flee.
That dog he was angry the moment he spied me.
He chased me around the old barn lot
He chased me cross the prairie.
I've seen many dogs of his kind,
But none quite so contrary.

I heard his pants as he advanced
But I left mine behind me.

Other favorites were:
Mocking Bird Hill
Old Shep
When the Works All Done This Fall
Old Limpy
The Heart That Was Broken for Me
How Great Thou Art
And So Did I
Little Boy Blue
I Had But Fifty Cents
Strawberry Roan
The Little Old Ford

His very favorite song was The Love Of God.

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