Sunday, December 21, 2014

Christmas Letter 2014


Tis the season again to get in touch with LOVED ones .

It has been a wonderful year for me, filled with so many blessings.

In March Danika, with baby Soren, and Teresa spent several days with me. We had
such a special time together, mostly "WATCHING SOREN GROW"

In ]uly cousin Donna (I think you all know she lives just a few houses from me)
drove us to Kansas to the family reunion. We had such a wonderful time. There was
70 of us, 1-6 first cousins. Irene and Naomi are the oldest of us all, both unable to be
there. Henretta and I were the oldest there.. She 87 and I, 86.

In September Bob and Pat, Jeannie and Dewey came to the Quilt show in Chattanooga.
we had a picnic at Falls Creek Falls. And a good time at the quilt show.

In October, Danika had a baby boy, named Luke. I haven't seen him yet.

In November Donna drove us to Florida for Bricklin's wedding. We also saw Nancy
and Ansley and their new apartment. Eric is still working at an Indian hospital in
Arizona. Two weeks working and two weeks home. we also saw Manuela.

David is still at the group home. They bring him home on Sunday to spend a few
hours with me.

I had Thanksgiving dinner with Kieth and Amanda, The boys are growing up so fast.

We had a beautiful fall this year.

God be with you till we meet again

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